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August 11, By: Tamara Kelly 86 Comments A while back I posed a question: How do YOU hold your hook and yarn? Well, I got lots and lots of emails and photos — and these are the results! You all are amazing! I got nearly 60 submissions of photos, and I even received a video, and a gif! And they came from all over the world. I also got lots of photos from left handed people some of whom crochet right handed! But sorting any further by how the yarn is tensioned… impossible!


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You simply hold the crochet hook in your hand similar to how you would hold a pencil. Make sure your thumb and forefinger are grasping the thumb-rest, and the handle is resting on the fleshy area between your thumb and forefinger (called the purlicue).

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For example I will hold my hook in my right hand, yarn in my left. If you are left handed you will hold your hook in your left hand, yarn in your right. For the photo tutorial below try looking at .

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This is a good flipping hook. It is strong, sharp, and is a good price. They don’t bend, i fish a 7 foot 3 heavy rod and i have not had a problem with them. The welded eye is perfect for snelling. As some have said they do carve a pretty big hole in the fish’s mouth, but I’ll take that trade-off since I feel like you get more hook-ups than with other hooks. These hooks are without a doubt the best hooks on the market.

Place your hand over the crochet hook with the handle resting against the palm of your hand and your thumb and third finger grasping the thumb rest. Position Two Called the under-the-hook position and is similar to holding a pencil.

Yup, Gamakatsu finally fixed the baitkeeper. I’m glad, because this was such an awesome hook and that was always the deal breaker. These have now become my main punching hook. One of the things that I think stands out with this hook is the amount of shank between the keeper and the eye. A lot of hooks don’t give much room to work with when tying a snell knot and these give you plenty. On top of that they are very sharp and the perfect gauge imo; never been a fan of the super heavy wire hooks.

This hook no longer has the bait keeper problem. The bait keeper is now welded on. Great sticky sharp hook that has a high hook up and land ratio. Get some, you won’t be disappointed.


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Focus on locating the string near the groove of the fingers. Point your thumb down toward the palm of your hand but focus on relaxing the thumb at the same time. It may have something to do with the name of the part grip that we hold. When you wrap your fingers around the grip there is a tendency to “clench down” or grasp the grip in our hand when the bowstring is released. It is a normal, instinctive reaction to “grab the bow” so it does not fall from our hands.

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To hold the hook in the Pencil Position, grip it as you would a pencil. If the hook has thumb rest, position it above your thumb and under your index finger. To hold the hook in the Knife Position, hold the hook as you would if holding a table knife to cut food.

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Hold the crochet hook as you would a pencil with your thumb and index finger on the finger hold, and the third finger near the tip of the hook. The crochet hook should be .

The hooks you will use most often are about 6 inches long and are sized alphabetically from B the smallest to Q the largest. The crochet hook is the most important tool you will use in learning how to crochet, so it is important to understand each part and its function. When you look at a crochet hook at first glance it looks like a straight piece with a hook on the end.

But when you take a closer look, you will see that each hook typically has 5 necessary parts. It is important to know what each part is used for when learning how to crochet. Please refer to illustration 1. First is the hook end A , which is used to hook the yarn and draw it through other loops of yarn called stitches. The throat B is a shaped area that helps you slide the stitch up onto the next part of the crochet hook called the working area C.

The finger hold, or thumb rest D , is the flattened area that helps you grip the hook comfortably, usually with your thumb and third finger. The fifth and final part is the handle E which rests under your fourth and fifth fingers and provides balance for easy, smooth work. It is important that every stitch is made on the working area, never on the throat B ,which would make the stitch too tight, and never on the finger hold D , which would stretch the stitch.

There are different ways of holding the crochet hook. You will need to experiment and find the way that feels the most comfortable for you. We will show you two ways to hold the hook.

Understanding Basic Crochet Techniques and Stitches

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I do like the idea of trying different ways to hold the yarn though, I was taught to hold it (when I was learning to knit shh) with the yarn held over my middle finger but over the years that’s changed to my index finger, I might give holding it in the same hand as the hook a go.

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