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Selecting topics for discussion for Speed Geeking using Dotmocracy technique Brief Description Speed Geeking also known as Speed Dating is a large group method to quickly expose participants to a new information about any topic: It can be adapted to other types of content as well, but the focus is on short exposure to something new as presented by someone with deep, practical experience in the topic area, tool or method. History Speed geeking comes out of a long-known group process known as the “Gallery Walk” where outputs from small group sessions were viewed by the rest of a larger group, split into small, roving groups, visiting the results of the work done earlier. When to use Speed geeking can be used when there is limited time and there are many things to look at and discuss. The limited time normally between 10 – 15 mins keeps the presentations short, focused and to the point. How to use For each topic an experienced practitioner is asked to provide a minute overview of their topic. These presenters can be selected in advance or from the group, depending on experience and context. Variants to the method Presenters should be briefed on the process. Coach them to focus on key points. Advise them they will probably get better with each round, so this is a good presentation training opportunity for them.

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Now ‘speed dating‘ is possibly the oldest trick in the book when it comes to MFL teaching. It’s fast, fun and allows lots of students to speak a the same time. I’ve found this to work best as a way of practising the role play element of the speaking exam.

Review Jill Duffy The Best Free Language-Learning Apps of Learning a new language requires a huge investment of time, but it doesn’t necessarily call for a big investment of money. These are the best free apps for learning a language. How to Learn a Language for Free It’s a truism that education is getting more expensive all the time. That doesn’t have to be the case with language learning, however.

While there is definitely language-learning software worth paying for , it turns out that you can get many excellent resources for studying a language for no money at all. In this article, we list the best free language apps we’ve found.

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This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License , which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Abstract Mentoring is important for the recruitment and retention of qualified nurse faculty, their ongoing career development, and leadership development.

However, what are current best practices of mentoring? The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of a model for excellence in establishing a formal mentoring program for academic nurse educators. Six themes for establishing a formal mentoring program are presented, highlighting best practices in mentoring as culled from experience and the literature.

The model is intended to be generalizable for faculty teaching in a variety of academic nursing institution types and sizes.

Help your team of the ngss. My research i found a guest post on www. Practicing teachers. Practicing teachers and administrators created this book is a pe teacher toolkit. All issues concerning matters of speed dating with this resource is designed for teachers line up for teachers barbara r.

Users can choose several contacts to be part of their support group. With just a few taps, the app will alert the support group that the user needs immediate help. Members of the support group can then text or call the user. It walks users through breathing exercises that help to reduce stress , stabilize mood, control anger, and manage anxiety. Users start by taking an assessment test to determine their strengths and weaknesses in five areas: Each user is also matched with a professional coach trained in CBT who can provide feedback and answer any questions.

It provides a self-assessment tool that allows users to track symptoms over time though it does not clinically diagnose PTSD as well as tools for managing symptoms. Users can also store contacts for personal support, locate nearby treatment programs, and contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline quickly in emergencies. The app helps users detect patterns in their mood, creating a way to identify triggers and other things that affect their mental health.

Users can create a customizable wellness plan to chart their coping mechanisms, and this can be updated as they come to have a deeper understanding of what they need to tackle their mental illness. With a subscription to Talkspace, users get matched to a therapist that they can chat with at any time. The creators of Talkspace note that their app is not meant to be a substitute for in-person therapy, and their therapists are trained to identify when users need more extensive help than the app can provide.

Understanding Nonverbal Learning Disabilities

They weren’t included in Oklahoma’s old standards for Algebra 1 or Algebra 2, so I didn’t cover them. I felt a tiny bit guilty about not teaching them because I knew my students would be seeing them on the ACT test. Oklahoma has now rewritten our standards to align more closely with the ACT, so now I have to teach them. I’ve been nervous about teaching them, but I think it ended up going really well.

It’s the start of term, you have new classes and you want to get them engaged and ‘on board’ as.

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Email this page Tools for the Molecular Architect Life on earth is built on carbon. Chains of carbon atoms, variously arranged, constitute the backbone of most of the molecules that form and regulate living systems. These molecules, large and small, of course contain several other elements too. Over the years, synthetic organic chemists have amassed a vast armamentarium of such reactions to use when building new molecular structures.

Active Learning Toolkit “Use of [active learning] techniques in the classroom is vital because of their powerful impact upon students’ learning.” Using the Pause Procedure to Enhance Lecture Recall, by Ruhl, Hughes, & Scholss, Teacher Education and Special Educaiton; Muddiest Point. Classroom Assessment Technique: Speed Dating. Speed.

Inexperienced teachers should be wary of using games if class control is still shaky or if you have an unusually difficult class. I believe classes appreciate teachers who make them work and with whom they get on, not teachers who play games. That said, games bring variety and a bit of fun to lessons. They can be very motivational. They should almost always be used when there is a specific point to be practised.

Here is a list of some games which I have found to work well over the years. I hope some of you out there discover something new here or at least enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you have far better ideas! Strip bingo Give each pupil a piece of A4 paper which is then divided lengthways so that each pupil has a long strip of paper. Each strip is then folded three times to provide eight boxes.

How Mentoring Programs Influence Workforce Diversity

Here are five top tracking apps for your travels Independent. No, they’re not stalker-ish well, mostly. Tracking apps have taken off, giving travellers a host of new toys for their trips. Think of the feeling as you watch your Uber approach, review a stroll on MapMyWalk, or track your flight status on a live map. FlightRadar24 is my own guilty pleasure, but the feeling is the same where ever tracking apps hit the sweet spot.

Speed-Dating CPD: Bring and Brag by @TeacherToolkit Power from the Floor by @TeacherToolkit The Vitruvian Teacher by @TeacherToolkit – a collection of 8 CPD resources.

Math Problem Solving Strategies 3 Sep The school year is off to a roaring start, and this is the year that I figure out how to teach problem solving strategies and continue making students show their problem solving strategies. Problem solving strategies are pivotal to word problems. In word problems, there are so many words that need decoding, extra information, and opportunities for students to solve for something that the question is not asking for.

Math Problem Solving Strategies C. S stands for circle the important numbers, underline the question, box the words that are keywords, eliminate extra information, and solve by showing work. Why I like it: None of the steps emphasize reading the problem but maybe that is a given. S stands for read the problem, underline the question, name the problem type, and write a strategy sentence. Students are forced to think about what type of problem it is factoring, division, etc and then come up with a plan to solve it using a strategy sentence.

This is a great strategy to teach when you are tackling various types of problems.

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Cain, Jeff, and Fink, Joseph L.. Legal and ethical issues regarding social media and pharmacy education. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, 74 10 , Article

Speed dating is a relatively modern process that is used to help singles rapidly screen a large number of potential dates. The process has been used successfully by dating .

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She saw enough leadership potential in her young nurse to offer herself as a mentor. Someone spotted you as a diamond in the rough, a professional gem ready to be mined and polished. Or maybe you were the one searching for a seasoned colleague to help you buff your skills, build your portfolio, or strategize your next move. But in the bigger universe, how does mentoring actually help diversify the nursing workforce? Mentoring can have widespread implications beyond boosting individual careers.

• Speed Dating: Participants gather and rotate through conversations with potential matches, ranking each conversation. Program administrators align matches based on mutually high scores. Microsoft Word – Mentoring Implementation

This is why many dating websites are still making millions and will continue to do so for a foreseeable future. It is thus the right time to jump into this well-paying business niche. If you are one of those looking to create an online dating website, this is the best place to start. The following themes are relatively cheap and are easy to set up and customize to suit your niche needs.

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BuddyPress is an integrated social network manager plugin that works as a standalone installation or a WordPress plugin. This smart and classy theme is apt for building connections and establishing an interactive online community. It also has a responsive and user-friendly admin interface. With advanced features, this theme allows you to add unlimited sidebars and colors, change the layout type, alter fonts, choose between masonry and standard views, and many more.

It also supports BuddyPress and bbPress plugins to help you build a forum for your website in no time.

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