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These tribes grew corn and other crops and made pottery cooking vessels. Village tribes along the Missouri River used a bowl-shaped bullboat. They made it by stretching a buffalo hide over a wooden frame. It was too clumsy for water travel, but it could be used to ferry people and gear across a river. Each tribe knew where the buffalo should be from month to month and moved as necessary for convenience in hunting. To get horses, the Indians were willing to trade their most valuable goods.

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Nestled in the Acerbate Mountains of Arizona, Kingman was mined by prehistoric Native American tribes dating back over a thousand years. Throughout history, Kingman Turquoise Mine has always been the largest supplier to the Southwest American turquoise jewelry industry. Stunning Aqua Stones The beautiful, high-quality stones coming out of the mine generally feature an array of green and blue shades and hues, but Kingman is most famous for its vibrant sky blue turquoise.

At Southwest Silver Gallery, our artists make a wide variety of Kingman turquoise jewelry from these iconic stones; our collection includes everything from bracelets and money clips to earring and necklace sets.

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Native American Genealogy Native American Squash Blossom Necklaces One of the most characteristic of Southwest Indian jewelry designs, the squash blossom necklace was not traditional until after the arrival of Europeans, when Navajo silversmiths adopted the crescent-shaped “naja” of the Spanish into their own artwork. The earliest Navajo squash blossom necklaces were silver only; the now-familiar turquoise inlay patterns were a Zuni innovation in the 19th century.

It is unknown where the name “squash blossom necklace” originally came from, since neither the Navajo, Zuni nor other Pueblo Indians call the necklace this in their own language. It may have been a mistranslation between English, Spanish, and one of the Southwest Indian languages, or perhaps someone thought the shape of the beads looked like squash blossoms at some point.

You can compare an actual squashblossom to one of the necklaces here: Do squash blossom necklaces resemble squashblossoms? The similarity is not especially striking, but it could have happened. The necklace design is not a traditional stylized depiction of squash blossoms in any Southwestern Indian culture we know of, though. Sponsored Links There is a thriving trade in something called “dead pawn” squash blossom necklaces, which are basically antique jewelry once owned by a Native American which ended up in a Southwestern pawn shop, in one of the usual ways stolen and sold there, taken from the indebted owner by a creditor who needed quick money, or pawned there by an Indian who was never able to reclaim it.

Frankly, I’m rather uncomfortable with dead pawn jewelry–modern dealers and owners obviously haven’t done anything wrong, but most of the pieces have at worst thievery and at best poverty and desperation in their past, otherwise they would have been sold at a store for a profit. Also, buying this jewelry today will not pass even one dollar along to the artist’s descendants or any other native person.

Why not buy some of the beautiful jewelry made by the many talented Navajo, Zuni and Pueblo Indian artists still working today, instead? Here are some good places to buy squash blossom necklaces guilt-free, and support the ongoing Indian jewelry-making tradition with your purchase. If you have a website of squash blossom jewelry to add to this list, let us know.

(jna-0027) 1940s Zuni Squash Blossom Necklace

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This is often referred to as oral tradition. Oral tradition is a record of all the cultural knowledge of a particular group. In recent years Native American artists have set out on a new updated artistic path using clay to tell the stories of traditional life as a caregiver, mother or father and homemaker.

The Fragua family is known for their pottery making, Bonnie studied under Marie Romero, and just a few years after starting won several awards for her pottery. This figure shows the squash-blossom necklace, ceremonial circles painted on her cheeks, and textured hair which the Fragua family made pottery is known for. Before there was a tradition of figure pottery in the Pueblo, however, Helen is recognized as the first to create what has become the modern art form of storyteller dolls.

Male figures are referred to as Storytellers while Female figures are called Singing Mothers. Both are always accompanied by a number of children and sometimes an animal that is listening to the tale being told. The decorative styles used here date back thousands of years and are traditional to Acoma. Marilyn is known for the intricacy of her figures and the detail displayed in her work.

Here she integrates both children and animals into the figure. The Olla held by the Singing Mother is typical of Acoma white and black pottery. Helen worked with her cousin Juanita Arquero making pottery, Juanita was an accomplished potter in her own right making vessels and bowls. But Helen was never happy with how her vessels came out.

Zuni Fetish Carvings

KarenLR71 items Mom passed in March of this year so as the only daughter I inherited all of hers and her Mother’s jewelry. There is a bit of fine jewelry, albeit, inexpensive fine jewelry but more fascinating is the large amount of costume jewelry. Africa and even if he did, it was not made by someone in N. I cannot date which period the ‘squash blossom’ design appears to be from.

From just a sheer ‘when would my Grandmother’ have been most likely to obtain the necklace it could have been from the 30’s to 70’s. I’d LOVE to know more about the necklace and earrings.

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Shell gorgets were incised with bold imagery from the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex. These are still carved today by several Muscogee Creek , Chickasaw , and Cherokee jewelers. Long-nosed god maskettes were made from bone, copper and marine shells. These are small shield-shaped faces with squared-off foreheads, circular eyes, and large noses of various lengths. They are often shown on SECC representations of falcon impersonators as ear ornaments. Ear spools of stone, or sometimes wood overlaid with copper foil, were popular, and many have been found at Spiro Mounds from CE.

Silver and brass armbands and gorgets became popular among Southeastern men in the 18th and 19th centuries. Sequoyah was an th century Cherokee silversmith. Until the 19th century, Choctaw men wore horsehair collars when playing stickball. Choctaw women’s dance regalia incorporates ornamental silver combs and openwork beaded collars. The word “heishe” comes from the Santo Domingo word for “shell.

Coral Squash Blossom Necklace

Usually, a squash blossom necklace will have at the lower center a curved, open pendant, called a naja meaning “crescent”. This motif was borrowed from the Spanish horse headstall or bridle which was adopted from the Moors. It is referred to as the Moorish crescent moon motif.

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Kenny McCormick

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Follow the links to find additional information related to the information you are most curious about. We are authorities and have created these pages for your knowledge and enjoyment. Atsidi Sani Navajo was taught how to work Silver earlier, however, Turquoise was not made incorporated until later. Turquoise and Silver became extremely desirable to the Native American Indians as soon as this type of Jewelry was made and it was not long after that the American public appreciated it as well.

The blue stone was beautiful when set in Silver and with the Navajo Silverwork, well, it was a piece of wearable art and the public realized this. As the Indian Trader took the Silver and Turquoise Jewelry to the market on the west coast, he found that it was widely accepted and demand grew quickly. When Tourists came to the Grand Canyon and beyond, the main item they would take home for a souvenirs was Turquoise and Silver.

They were strung into Necklaces with sinew string made from the gut of a deer or string to make the first form of Southwestern Turquoise Jewelry. The Turquoise Bead Necklaces were traded to the Navajo Indians who used them for ceremonial, medicinal and ornamental purposes. It was common for Conquistadors to have native peoples find gold for them. It was the Spaniards who taught the Navajo how to work with metals and specifically, Silver.

It is known by , a Navajo Indian named Atsidi Sani had learned the Silversmithing trade from the Spaniards and was producing silver items to be worn by the Native American Indians as well as their horses.

Kingman Turquoise Jewelry

Friday, May 31st, at Thursday, May 30th, at This Navajo silver and turquoise squash blossom naja dates from around See those fluted, fragile-looking blossoms? Now look at the decorated beads on that American Indian-made necklace … similar? Close enough that you can see where the name came from.

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This is a traditional necklace commonly worn on their neck by Navajo people. They primarily adapted it to the shape of a crescent-naja, a Spanish artwork. The earliest necklaces were made from silver and later on into turquoise. The name Navajo squash blossom originated from the name of their race and the type of language Navajo people are using.

High Quality Features of Navajo Squash Blossom This Navajo squash blossom is considered to be an excellent jewelry which is widely recognized not only by the Navajo people, but also by some other people all over the world because of its high quality features. This is an antique type of necklace. Thus, more people are longing to have one of these necklaces as part of their accessories.

The Navajo squash blossom consists of plain beads with precious pendant in its naja form. The beads which are placed on the middle part of the necklace are large to arouse its attractiveness. The pendant defines the center of the necklace which is visually larger and heavier than the weight of the beads. The beads are primarily made from silver, making it more shiny and stunning. Half of the necklace is domed by means of hammering the silver in a wooden mold.

Hammering is done through a smooth and very careful round punch in the center of the beads. Then, it would be buffed and careful polished before it would be strung.

Kingman Turquoise Jewelry

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Reassessing Hallmarks of Native Southwest Jewelry by Pat & Kim Messier