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DavidAFrench There is no good reason for a faithful conservative to support this man. Partisan politics does strange things to human minds. I continue to see Twitter, Facebook, and my email inbox light up with the most bizarre comparisons. Moore is like General George S. Moore is like Thomas Jefferson. In other words, Americans have a long history of tolerating sexual indiscretions for the sake of larger and more important causes. Great men can have feet of clay and still be great men.

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That Alabama Senate race could determine whether Roe v. The lives of millions of unborn may be at stake. Republicans now hold 52 Senate seats. If Democrats pick up the Alabama seat, they need only two more to recapture the Senate, and with it the power to kill any conservative court nominee, as they killed Robert Bork. Today, the GOP, holding Congress and the White House, has a narrow path to capture the third branch, the Supreme Court, and to dominate the federal courts for a decade.

For this historic opportunity, the party can thank two senators, one retired, the other still sitting.

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Are you a Christian and a Liberal? We’ve been searching for you for 5 years! If you’re like many others like us you’ve probably felt alone out there. You’ve probably been told “You can’t be a Christian and a Liberal! You’ve probably doubted your own viewpoint at times. You’re in the right place! Conservative “Christians” have turned their back on one of the central tenets of the Bible. The tenet that Jesus said was “The sum of the Law and all the prophets,” to Love God and Love your neighbor as you do yourself!

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Researchers find a ‘liberal gene’ October 27, Liberals may owe their political outlook partly to their genetic make-up, according to new research from the University of California, San Diego, and Harvard University. Ideology is affected not just by social factors, but Genetic components of political preference February 15, Rose McDermott, professor of political science at Brown University, will discuss the growing field of research that explores possible links between genetics and political preferences at the annual meeting of the American What do liberals and conservatives look for in a date?

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BlockedUnblock FollowFollowing “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed. Some of my childhood acquaintances championed leading figures in Christian homeschooling, but many of these figures are now exposed as charlatans, liars, and predators. Movements such as Quiverfull promoted by the Duggar family and Vision Forum Ministries backed by Doug Phillips garnered massive support before crumbling in the wake of sexual scandals.

Phillips was accused of molesting Lourdes Torres, the family nanny. Josh Duggar took advantage of four different sisters. Bill Gothard, founder of the Institute in Basic Life Principles, was also accused of a slew of sexual crimes. Even aside from these devastating scandals, some core views of Conservative Christian homeschooling are slowly ebbing in credibility.

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Engaged Celtic Heart said: That concerned me a little at first, but after talking with him, listening to him speak about his beliefs and his faith, I realized we were almost dead-on similar with what we both believe. Talk about what you both really, honestly believe. Talk about church attendance, talk about your personal prayer lives, etc.

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Jerad Christian was reportedly the inspiration for a tirade on One America News Network in that made the year-old Lahren an instant conservative celebrity. There already was tension between her and her bosses because of her inflammatory style. But things became even more tense after her appearance on The View on March While on the show, she suddenly showed support for pro-abortion rights and calling pro-life conservatives hypocrites.

A graduate of the U. Naval Academy, he was serving overseas in July Today, these are all gone. Marins and an active-duty Navy reservist were shot in Tennessee by Mohammad Abdulazeez. I mean, traveling a lot, obviously a lot of attention.

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I remember an old neogaf thread that posted an article of how young Muslims in Germany were having a hard time finding a mosque because the majority if them are so conservative. I tried to find the thread but I only found one about Minnesota, which was different. I presume the same occurs with Christian churches.

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Bauder 0 Comments When I was in Bible college, seminary training was considered a luxury—perhaps useful, but not at all necessary for pastoral ministry. At that point, two events led me to seminary. First, a professor liked a paper I wrote and encouraged me in that direction. Second, Bryce Augsburger came to preach in the church where I was a youth leader.

He encouraged me to come take a look at Denver Baptist Theological Seminary, where he was the president. Before I matriculated, however, he resigned the presidency at Denver.

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Don’t let the unfortunate secondary title scare you; this isn’t about false ecumenism, the kind today, indifferentism, but its opposite. The author, an English Catholic priest, does a good job demolishing many readers’ expectations brought in from the narrative about these things. This is much of the story of Anglo-Papalism, which outsiders think or used to think Anglo-Catholicism is but arguably its opposite. This faction of Anglicans claimed to believe everything our holy mother the church teaches and wanted to come in, except they thought Apostolicae Curae isn’t doctrine to their credit, they didn’t want schismatic Dutch orders; that junk’s for liberals and hoped against hope for a corporate union, fancy talk for the whole Anglican Communion becoming Catholic.

We take Anglicanism at its word. The framers said in their Articles, “No Mass. No Mass means no orders. The Pope, not the Articles! Vickers seems to date the start of Anglo-Papalism with the Rev.

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