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Thank you for requesting! Remember all those Confidants he had to get through? Not that he assumes they are sad right away, but he catches on pretty quickly. He knew you very well. Through observation, he knows that you were not one to let anyone see how vulnerable you can be. The boy always wondered if you were ever going to let him into the darkest parts of your heart. That smile of yours was always warm and bright, this one felt colder. He wanted to question it, but he smiled back anyways. Akira could see through you, those fake smiles and laughs towards your peers and teachers. For a short moment, he thought that his lover was a stranger.

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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable (ペルソナ3 ポータブル, Perusona Surī Pōtaburu), an enhanced port of Persona 3 for the PlayStation Portable, was released in Japan on November 1, , and released in North America on July 6,

Sh0rty Sh0rty 6 years ago 1 So there’s a few interesting girls in this game to date, but what one do I choose? I’m the male MC because I never played this game before, so dont give me any hate for not picking FemMC I’m initially interested in Yukari because I don’t know a flippin thing about her so far, just that she’s lost her parents like the MC. Plus, she’s typically the girl I would go for IRL. Anyways, any other suggestions are welcomed too I don’t know who else is available, if any.

I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve gamemaster 6 years ago 2 Sh0rty posted So there’s a few interesting girls in this game to date, but what one do I choose? Sh0rty Topic Creator 6 years ago 3 Thanks gamemaster! And to clarify, I’m saying the Kendo team manager Yuko Thanks for reminding me of her name! So Mitsuru is available too? Kind of a know-it-all. And why is maxing intelligence I assume you mean my academics?

I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve User Info: Do all of them.

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Persona 3 Portable was the game that got me into this wonderful series of Shin Megami Tensei! Persona 3 was released in July of for the PS2. Not to mention there are 3 movies out for this now as well. But I will focus on the main story now and I might talk about the Answer chapter in a later time.

Elizabeth is a character from the Persona series. She is the younger sister of Margaret, and older sister of Theodore and Lavenza. Elizabeth has short white hair and yellow eyes. She wears a blue dress that resembles a stewardess’ outfit with five black-lined circles outside small yellow.

Edit Elizabeth is the assistant of Igor , the proprietor of the Velvet Room. She makes her first appearance when the protagonist awakens in his subconscious, visiting the Velvet Room, where she greets the protagonist. While Igor is responsible for the Persona fusions, Elizabeth handles the Persona Compendium , which allows the protagonist to keep track of his fused personas and re-summon them. Elizabeth also provides various side-quests for the protagonist, ranging from bounties to getting various daily-life objects for her.

As the protagonist completes the side quests , Elizabeth may reward players with rare items and special items needed to fuse several specific personas. She also requests tasks that involve Tartarus and retrieving special equipment from there. Not only that, Elizabeth also requests items from the real world that could only be retrieved on specific days. If players choose to start the second cycle, Elizabeth will offer an extra side-quest of challenging her at the top of the bonus dungeon.

Upon reaching the final level, Elizabeth reveals her frustration of being unable to find out her true meaning to life, and hopes that someone stronger than her would be capable of giving her that answer. In the events of the protagonist’s battle with her, Elizabeth reveals herself to be a Persona User just like the protagonist, also capable of switching between multiple Personas mid-battle.

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I will burn my dread. Junpei , the Protagonist , and Yukari. Death is not a hunter unbeknownst to its prey. One is always aware that it lies in wait. Though life is merely a journey to the grave, it must not be undertaken without hope. Only then will a traveler’s story live on, cherished by those who bid him farewell.

Elizabeth’s story mode ends with her gaining insight on the nature of the Wild Card from Yu Narukami and Aigis, and she gains her own Fool arcana, signifying the start of a journey. Theodore [ edit ] Theodore (テオドア, Teodoa) is Igor’s male assistant, and the younger brother of Elizabeth .

Scrapped Entry Dear Yukari, There has never seemed to be an absolute correct way to do something. And what I mean is that there is always more than one way for an objective to be met. It is always up to debate as to what is the best way to accomplish something. You know this just based on the many great number of ‘How To’ books exists on just about every subject known to man. Perhaps that was why I spent so much time utterly perplexed with how to deal with you.

I know I always played it off like I was knowledgeable But I think you know how insecure I actually was beneath all of that.

Who can you date in Persona 3? and how many can you date?

Feb 16, 10 WOW!! How does Atlus make a remastered remake better than the original game which was already great. I completely stunned by how good this remake is, it’s definitely a must own to any Vita owners. I’ve always been a fan of the persona series, especially starting from persona 2. Not only does this game meets the hype but somehow significantly surpasses my expectations. They added 2 new difficulties Very Easy and Very Hard and have the option to change the rules and settings of it once you beaten the game.

Oct 27,  · In other words, if you start dating Yukari, she’ll still treat you the same way in the dorm or in Tartarus. Leaving aside spoilers, I would recommend maxing Mitsuru and Yuko for Operating System: PSP.

Edit “I know what my purpose is I’m a machine, a machine who is here to “live”. And the one who has given me this new purpose is This is the promise I’ve made to myself. I don’t know how I’ll do it Will you allow me to join with you all? I will be with you all


Mon Apr 19, 3: Having been through P3 twice, with the original release and then with The Journey in P3 FES, it was pretty easy for me to get through the first couple of hours without knowing what was being said. Alternatively, you could also say that I did know what was being said, having played through the undub versions of the game, but I just didn’t remember what they were saying. I should just fucking learn Japanese or something at this point, fucking import games.

The only animated part of the game now is the opening title sequence. They made a new one which shows both the male and female MCs.

The female protagonist is an additional playable protagonist in Persona 3 role is non-canonical in the main Persona series timeline, as evidenced by the use of male pronouns and references to blue hair in The Answer, Persona 4 (and Golden) after fighting Margaret, and Persona 4 Arena.

The main protagonist, when Yukari exits the shower with a Modesty Towel and slaps him after the party is separated in the July 7th operation. Aliens Made Them Do It: In the July 7th Shadow battle, the Protagonist and Yukari or Akihiko or Junpei if you’re playing as a girl manage to break free from the Mind Control before anything actually happens.

And no, you can’t intentionally fail , no matter how hard you try. All in a Row: Your party members will follow you everywhere in dungeons — or can be ordered to split up and search the area. They can even enter battles on their own, which you’re then able to join to provide support. Generally, they line up nicely behind you, but if you hit a dead-end and suddenly reverse, you’ll wind up hitting them with your weapon multiple times until you’re leading the pack again.

All Therapists Are Muggles: The cast frequently go into a twisted, bloody version of their school where they are in danger of being killed by their repressed feelings and fight monsters by shooting themselves in the head with guns that fire psychological trauma. But since no therapist would believe them about the Dark Hour, they’re on their own.

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At the time of release on PSP, I found the experience a bit odd Well, after playing P4G on Vita, which had the full 3D graphics and environments intact, let’s just say I have a better understanding of what I am missing and it isn’t much. And moving a cursor around the room to talk to people now feels quite a bit convenient, actually. I found P4G a bit grindy, with the whole daily school-life thing

POSSIBLE SPOILERS FOR PERSONA 3 PORTABLE. (Unless you already played the first one and just looked up social links for this game ahaaa) FINALLY. I st P3P-The Dating Game +SPOILERS+.

I suppose I should do a Kakashi-style introduction here, shouldn’t I? Bad grammar, Bad punctuation, Bad spelling, completely random and off the wall plot devices, badly written fics Dreams for the future: Publish a couple of my stories I have kicking about in the back of my mind. Seriously, I’m writing one and I have the plots to another half-dozen yelling for attention.

Subjects I intend to turn into stories: If a story does not have a personalised book cover, then I am not currently updating that story!!!! Break for X-Mas and New Year! A Stray Devil’s Tale.

Persona 3 Portable: Elizabeth Date 5 ALL DIALOGUE OPTIONS (FeMC)